Nymph of heaven

One day I met a Nymph of heaven, I became so excited and said:

O  Dear Nymph
Empty me in the ocean of your love
Fill me with your passions,
Fill me with peace, calmness, and beauties of life
Show me blue sky, shining stars
Take me to the hills of happiness
Quench my thirsts and desires
Bring equality and peace on to the earth
Remove tears from the face of the world
You’re beautiful and I’m your Fridoun
"shut up. stop bossing me around and telling me what to do" Said the Nymph " I’m not your wife yet…"

a-In you opinion what or who is a nymph and what she looks like?

b- What colour is absolute vacuum?

c- do you really believe that parallel lines meet at eternity?


الف -راستی تصور شما از  حوری بهشتی چیست و  چه شکل و شمایلی دارد؟ 
ب -تصور شما از خالی بودن مطلق (خلاء)  چیست و به نظر شما  چه رنگی است؟
پ -آیا می توانید قبول کنید دو خط موازی در بینهایت همدیگر را قطع کنند؟