Let's dance


“Let’s dance. Do you know any tunes?” asked the man. “By the way, my name is James, what is yours?”

”I am a mountain man.” I replied. “I have no name”

 “May I call you Mountain?” asked James. “Do you know any tunes?”

“Let’s imagine a tune and then dance to it” I said

He asked, “What tune is that?”

 “Let’s dance to the tune of…” and then I sang:

“The sound of immigrant waves

While escaping the bloody mouths of sharks

And seeking sanctuary and shelter at sea ends  

While constantly repelled by shores

 Let’s dance to the sound of seagulls’ wings in the wind

When diving to catch fish

And the sounds of those fishes who wail for life

On the journey towards seagulls’ throat

Let’s dance to the sound of larks who sing in the rain

And calling for the return of the sun

While dark clouds have covered the sky

While the earth frightened and trembled from the threat of a flood

 Let’s dance to the sound of waterfall from the top of the mountain to the depth of the land

While scared of such big falls

Like the movement of people scattered by force of high tech shootings

As stains of blood paints every corners of the world

Let’s dance to the sad song of an old mother

Who is confined to her lonesome room

While waiting for her son,

To return safe from human inflicted inhumane wars

 Let’s dance to Chernobyl and the Fukushima nuclear disaster

While we ignore the toil and agony of people who fall in these traps

Despite all of these, mankind fails to embrace natural energy

Such as wind power, ocean waves, solar energy and hydroelectric power

 Let’s dance to the bleat of the sheep who wail

For their lamb babies being slaughtered

In front of them

For barbeques and the joy of human beings

Let’s dance to the sound of Mother Nature when she turns nasty

In the shape of floods, earthquakes and volcanoes

While we fail to build houses to withstand these disasters

And keep forgetting these turmoil and catastrophes

 Let’s dance to the sound of Third World children

Who suffer from thirst, hunger and disease?

While we in the west spend billions on weaponry and the so-called defiance

Although we are capable of prevention and cure

 Yes let’s dance while we hopelessly fail to find an escape gate,

for constant natural disasters, despite our advanced technology.

and also we fail to get involved united,

to find a way out of  inhumane tragedies which are inflicted by human beings

 Let’s dance and may our dancing foot steps’ sounds

Awaken the world from these nightmares.

Let’s dance!

Let’s dance




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